The effects of quarantine have impacted each of us in a variety of ways...

But let's talk about the way it's effected our diet, activity level, stress and sleep quality, all the areas that I am concerned about in regards to your optimal health.

The significant changes to our routine and lifestyle have resulted in undesirable outcomes to your health, resulting in a decline in metabolic clarity and an increase in toxic load.

Unfortunately, both of these negatively impact your immune systems ability to ward off unwanted pathogens, which is the last thing we need when re-entering society with so much uncertainty.

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Optimizing Metabolic and Immune Health with the Quarantine Recovery Program


Dr. LeTa will help you with a simple yet powerful solution to help restore balance and optimize your health, post-quarantine. 

The Quarantine Recovery Program is a comprehensive, 3-month protocol to help enhance metabolic health and immunity following months of quarantine. This protocol is designed to help bring the body back into balance and build resiliency by promoting detoxification, cellular clarity, and optimal metabolic and immune function. The improvement of metabolic health, along with its resulting effects on immunity, will help prepare your body if and when it's faced with unwanted health challenges.

Month 1: RESTORE

We begin with gentle detoxification to upregulate proper liver directionality & restore functional pathways of elimination. Along with a whole-body detox, we help reduce the antigenic load to dampen over-reactivity & correct immune imbalances within the body.


The goal of month 2 is to help further clarify cells and metabolic processes through the activation of AMPK and autophagy. This will drive deep cellular detox and help reduce old tissue mass leaving your body energized and clarified.

Month 3: ELEVATE

The final month of the program is designed to optimize metabolic health by rebuilding functional cells and lean body mass through NAD+, methylation and sirtuin support. Metabolic optimization results in a more resilient immune response.

What You Get

Pledge Contract ($75 value)

Health Questionnaire ($75 value)

Detox Questionnaire ($75 value)

Detox Box Supplements ($650)

Self-Care Plan ($75 value)

Food Recommendations ($75 value)

Detox Options: Custom ($75 value)

Private Community Group ($75 value)

Weekly Check-ins ($600 value)

Private Support ($300 value)

Completion Certificate ($75 value)

$2150 Value for only $700

Your detox kit will be shipped to your home every month.

Easy to Follow Instructions

Doctor to guide you every step

A supportive community

and so much more...

Month 1


All Included

  • Cat's Caw Herb Tincture
  • Liver Herbs Tincture
  • Glutathione Plus
  • Binders

Month 2


All Included

  • Glutathione Supplement
  • Methyl Supplement
  • Binders
  • Minerals

Month 3


All Included

  • Hemp Extract
  • Multi-vitamin
  • NAD+ Supplement
  • Minerals

Clinical Metals Testing: Extra add-ons

Some of you may want to get a test for us to understand more about the level of toxins that are in your body. You can do this after the detox to see if you need another round or some of you may want to do it before and after.

Mercury Tri-Test

Tri-Test. This test utilizes samples of hair, blood, and urine to assess for the body’s mercury burden and its ability to eliminate it. This test helps practitioners and patients to understand the magnitude and source of mercury exposure, as well as if additional support is needed in the process of mercury detoxification.

The lab I use is the only clinical test that utilizes mercury speciation analysis, a patented advanced technology that separates methyl mercury (MeHg) from inorganic mercury (HgII) and measures each directly. Their instruments are sensitive enough to measure ambient mercury levels in the body WITHOUT THE NEED FOR CHALLENGE TESTING. This laboratory test provides unprecedented information that shows us your exposure sources, body burden and ability to excrete each form of mercury. This detailed information helps build an informed picture and allows us to plan a rational approach to a successful detoxification strategy.


Blood Metals Panel

The Blood Metals Panel screens for a broad range of potentially toxic and nutrient metals to show elevated exposure to toxic metals or imbalances of nutrient metals in whole blood. Results from this test can be used as a standalone screening, or to enhance information obtained from the Mercury Tri-Test. Because different protocols or support may be indicated to balance the other potentially toxic and nutrient elements in the blood, the most effective detoxification protocol can then be selected.

This whole blood elemental metals analysis uses state-of-the-art inductively coupled plasma/mass spectroscopy. The test measures levels for 16 metals, including beneficial nutrient metals and potentially toxic metals. Imbalanced mineral pairs, especially copper-to-zinc ratios or calcium-to-magnesium ratios, can often present clinically as heavy metal toxicity. Excess copper is also synergistically toxic with heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead.


Invest in Yourself

If you are interested in doing the 3-month protocol, you register and pay below.

You will be shipped out each month your supplement kit to your home.

For those of you who want to get either or both of the tests done, you can save $56 and do both for $423.

Quarantine Recovery Program