Tools You Need To Feel Great 

We have friends and family to support us, but some of you may have a coach, a mentor, and all the other experts you work with to ensure you are living your best life possible. Let the tax accountants do our finances, let the mechanics work on our cars. Let me disseminate the knowledge you need to get to where you want to go. And I do this through the lens of Chinese Medicine.

Quarantine Recovery Program

The impacts of the shutdown have shifted just about every aspect of daily life. Due to health worries, closures, social distancing, and job and financial loss, we’ve seen steep increases in stress which is effecting your overall health. Learn how you can regain immune resiliency, nutritional deficiencies, better mood and shift yourself into greater wellbeing here.


In order to acquire what you need to get you where you want to go, often the first step is remove. Cleansing is just that process to help your body get rid of anything it can't make useful to free up resources that you are not utilizing. This is a 10-day protocol that is a great place to start. If you feel ready, I urge you to go for the Quarantine Recovery Program.

Become a Member

I am launching a membership community as a time and space for me to share with you my knowledge, build a community around health and wellness and and introduce you to other experts that are paving the way in the field of modern holistic medicine. I will provide education, inspiration, accountability and be able to give you access to what you need to know and buy in order for you and your family to live the highest quality of life desired. Look at some examples of content that is included when you join this new community

Holistic Immunity

Learn about how to have a rock solid immune system with this course. There are several 5-15 minute videos that cover the different areas where you can focus on to improve your immune system. Check out the details here.

Hemp as Nutrition

If you have never learned about the health benefits of Cannabinoids, please watch my Hemp 101 webinar. It's educational, very informative and your life will be changed forever when you establish a healthy long-term relationship with Cannabis.

Online Qi Gong Classes

I have Qi Gong classes included in my members only area. This is a great way to learn about Chinese Medicine and how to improve the quality of your life. I'll be teaching the fitness part of Chinese Medicine, also considered a moving meditation that is for all levels & abilities.

Five Element Seasons

Learn more about the place you live your life from with this Five Element Quiz. It's based on the principles of Chinese Medicine and it's absolutely fascinating to learn more about yourself with this questionnaire. Each season I will share what you need to know to live according to the seasons.

Mushrooms 101

Mushrooms have been helping individuals since the beginning of time to feel more connected to themselves and the world around them. Learn what you need to know to utilize fungus as nutrition and microdosing for those who are interested.

Wellness Masterclass

Learn how to increase your energy; reconnect with you purpose; how to manage your emotions; have the proper mindset; learn optimal health; discover how to have discipline... and more. This series is a great foundation course for all ages and backgrounds.

7-Day Challenge!

What is your kryptonite?! I am going to take you through. a 7-day challenge to inspire you, to challenge you, to support you and help you take a BREAK or LEAVE it out of your life forever with this JUMPSTART!

Flexibility 101

You think it's too late to be flexible? Nope! Learn how the martial artists in China do it with this easy-to-follow class on helping you become flexible beyond what you think is possible.

Chinese Medicine 101

Learn the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine! Usually this information is only for those who want to become Doctors. Now you can learn an introduction that will change how you perceive the world around you and your health.

Sleep 2.0

Do you fall asleep easily, stay asleep throughout the night and wake up rested? If not, I have the class for you. You will learn time-tested ideas to help you get the z's you want.

Biohack with Chinese Medicine

Upgrade your biology with ancient wisdom by uncovering the exact modifications based on your Element. Learn about how you can create balance on your own.

And so much more...

A time and space for me to HOST the most amazing experts on a variety of topics in the health, fitness and wellness space.


For those of you who are a Licensed Practitioner or any kind, I have a special invitation for you here. We are building a growing community around hemp and are looking for either Licensed Practitioners or passionate people to join us.