Your Immune System may be the #1 thing you are thinking about lately...

Due to the recent pandemic, I found it was time to create a mini-course on the different ways you can boost your immune system.

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In this online course you will learn...

The many ways you can improve the functioning of your immune system so you can feel confident when there is something going on beyond your control, you feel secure in how your body would respond if such exposure did happen.


Here is an overview of the modules in this course:


I share with you how to best use this important information.

Mental Game

Your thoughts can improve or weaken your Immune System.

TCM and Immunity

Learn how Chinese Medicine views the Immune System.


Learn some self-care strategies you can incorporate.

Foods for Immunity

Learn what foods to eat and stay away from to support your Immune.

ECS and Immunity

The last system discovered in the human body that plays a critical role.

Chinese Herbs

Learn about which Chinese Herbs to take to improve your immunity.

Herbal Medicine

Discover plants you can easily add into your life to improve immune function.

Qi Gong

A simple practice that will improve your immune and energy and reduce stress.

Restful Sleep

Why improving your sleep boosts immune and what you can do about it.


Learn where to press on your body to improve your immune.

Essential Oils

Learn which oils to be diffusing in your home right now.


I go over which supplements are best to be taking.

Physical Fitness

How you can move your body to ensure you have great immunity.

Lab Testing

Know which labs to ask your doctor to run. Be in charge.

Western View

I discuss how western medicine views and approaches immunity.

Invest in Yourself

Take a day to join me in a conversation. Or learn bits over time. This course is broken up into videos by subject that are manageable to implement.

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The Time Is Now.

Thank you for investing in yourself and learning to take great self-care. If each of us do our part, we can have global community wellness.

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