Hi. I am Doctor LeTa, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


My sister was given 3-6 months to live over twenty years ago and I was a part of why she is alive today and why I chose to go dedicate my life to educate, empower and inspire individuals around their health.



My business exists because our medical system, food supply chain and product marketing industries are broken. You are getting chronic disease earlier. You aren’t feeling as well as you could be (and they know it). You are on more medications, you are getting more surgeries and cancer is a common household situation.


My services, classes, modules, products and programs are all rooted in ancient Chinese medicine where we see each individual as integrative, holistic beings. When you combine this philosophy with decades of my clinical experience and understanding of the modern lifestyle, I have had great success in assisting individuals in greater wellness beyond what they thought was possible.


The distinct value I offer my patients, clients and members is direct access to this ancient wisdom and the time and space for them to implement the changes needed.


I am a hard worker. I know there are no short-cuts and that if you follow your heart, know who you are and what gifts are yours to offer then you will find true success. I am great at what I do and who I am. 


Health is our #1 value and we can't just rely on allopathic to save us. I can offer Chinese Medicine where it will feel like we all have with a "doctor" in our very own home. 


Here are a few pictures that showcase a little bit more about me...

Hannah Idalia

Doctor LeTa is an amazingly knowledgeable and caring practitioner. Her approach to care is empowering and inspiring. She met me where I was while holding the highest expression of my health and offering education so as to create self responsibility over dependency. She had very high level perceptual skills which made it seem like she's channeling guidance from higher planes. She is very passionate and laid back at the same time. Highly recommended.

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