CBD Education Course

You may have a lot of questions about CBD and this new "dietary supplement". Perhaps you have been recommended to take it by your Doctor or suggested by a friend. You'll learn: The difference between cannabis sativa, marijuana, and hemp, as well as the differences between psychoactive THC and non-psychoactive CBD The history of medicinal cannabis use, and how CBD was discovered About the human Endocannabinoid System and how CBD interacts with it What you can do right now to boost your Endocannabinoid System Potential uses of CBD including examples of delivery and dosing Safety data and discuss current research Why hemp is the most eco-friendly way to balance the endocannabinoid system Which ones to purchase and why (internal and topical) If CBD oils have not served you in the past, we will present new advancements in specialized technology could prompt immediate results.


"When I understood the health benefits of CBD, not only did my whole life change, but so did my family, my patients and everyone around me!"

Dr. LeTa Jussila
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Cannabinoid Consultant, Qi Gong & Fitness Trainer, Licensed Herbalist and Business Coach

About the Instructor

Dr. LeTa Jussila, DAOM, CPT is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine who received her medical degrees from Five Branches University after completing her undergraduate studies in Environmental Public Policy at Syracuse. She trained in Neuromuscular Pain Management and the Five Elements before pursuing additional study in the areas of Functional Medicine and Cannabinoid Medicine.

She is a national wellness expert who helps individuals achieve and maintain their healthcare goals efficiently. When given the proper support, she believes our bodies can often return to healthy function at almost any age. Having treated patients over the past 13 years, Doctor LeTa is a specialist that understands the frustration of people who are trying to achieve wellness in a healthcare system that focuses on symptom management rather than identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem.


Utilizing the consult, genetic testing, lab work, clinical experience and the Chinese medical paradigm, she has been able to increase productivity to help individuals be high performers and live the life they desire. She specializes in Environmental Medicine and has a in-person practice in Santa Cruz, California and an online medical practice at DoctorLeTa.com Locally in Santa Cruz she has been passing on her wisdom by teaching the business classes at Five Branches for the past decade, co-founded the wildly successful Santa Cruz Challenge, runs an outdoor boot camp with Optimal Health and Fitness, on the Board at Inner Light and recently received Mentor of the Year at the NEXTies.

Dr. LeTa focuses her tele-health practice towards supporting women entrepreneurs. She is passionate about educating her professional peers and broader public about the safety and effectiveness of Cannabinoid Medicine and helping wellness providers easily add Hemp oil into their practices. As a Cannabinoid Medicine specialist who has worked with several thousand patients in cannabis therapeutics, she has seen first-hand how significant a role cannabis and cannabimimetic modalities play in helping patients reclaim their health and overall sense of wellness, establishing renewed ownership over their lives. She has witnessed her patients safely use cannabis as adjunctive therapy to their conventional treatment plans, to wean from prescription drugs, find relief from the side effects of toxic therapies, or avoid conventional pharmaceuticals altogether.


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