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The Medical Practice of Doctor LeTa

I believe that you deserve to live the life you want. That means living a thriving, on purpose, joyful, peaceful, happy, healthy, present, able life. In order to be that, there might be some fine-tuning we need to do. And we need to do this now.

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Online Classes

One of the best investments you can make, is in learning how to take care of yourself. In this website there are many ways for you to learn based on a health goal or symptom you may be having by taking one of my classes or by becoming a member to receive ongoing learning. Click here to learn more and get on the waitlist to receive your invitation for the next opening.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs can offer you a wide range of safe and effective therapeutic agents that you can use as an integral part of your own health care program. They can be used in three essential ways: to prevent disease; to treat disease and to maximize your health potential. Herbs are also used for the symptomatic relief of minor ailments. To get a custom herbal prescription, book an herbal consult with Dr. LeTa here.


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